Commercial Security Experts Around the Clock

For premier commercial security solutions in O’Fallon, MO, St. Louis, St. Charles, and the surrounding regions, we invite you to connect with us at St. Louis Alarm Company. With a solid reputation built over a decade of providing advanced Information Technology systems, we have become the trusted security partner for local businesses. Our proficiency lies not only in delivering expert security solutions tailored to our clients’ needs but also in offering these premium services at highly competitive rates.

We provide a comprehensive suite of commercial security solutions, encompassing video surveillance, access control systems, automated HVAC systems, and fire smoke detection systems. Trust us to enhance your business’s security and safety, drawing from our vast experience and commitment to excellence.

At St. Louis Alarm Co, we offer Security, Information Technology and Networking solutions tailored for businesses of every size. Though your business may be small, it plays an important role in your life and very likely, your family’s life. It’s your livelihood. And that’s why it’s worth protecting with intelligent security solutions and secure networks designed to perfectly fit your business, your way of operating it, and your budget.

If your business grows, if your needs change, or if you add locations, St Louis Alarm Co. will grow right along with you. We take small business to heart. We are your security consultants all along the way, helping guide you to the solutions best suited for you in all stages of your business.


High Quality Business Solutions

All-In-One Solutions

Our fully-integrated solution allows you to monitor and control your business through a single, mobile-friendly interface. With just a few clicks, you can secure your system, view live-streaming video, manage employee access, regulate energy use and much more.


Voice Over IP Phone Systems

Whether your are a small business of 5 people in an office, a larger business with 100 or more people, or just 10 people spread across the country, it’s never too late to consider switching to the right business phone service for you. A VoIP phone service specifically tailored for the way your business operates can give you and your employees incredible benefits in the workplace.

Replace your business phone system with a future-proof VoIP solution that is hosted entirely in the cloud. You get all of the functionality you would expect from an on-premise enterprise PBX, along with productivity-enhancing features made possible with our cloud platform. Best of all, all of this can be had for a price that saves you up to 80 percent on your current phone bill.

Smart Business VOIP Phone Plans start at $18.95 per phone with NO contracts.

Door Access Control Systems

At STL Alarm Co, we specialize in the installation of  Door Access Control Systems for commercial buildings, apartments, schools and pool gate access. Our team of experts is highly trained and knowledgeable, and we take pride in our ability to deliver exceptional service and results.

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