Elevator Phone Line Replacement

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Your Trusted Partner in Modernizing Communications

Is your business prepared for the phasing out of Elevator (POTS) phone lines? At St. Louis Alarm Co, we specialize in seamless transitions from outdated phone line systems to advanced communication technologies. Let us upgrade your elevator phone lines, building entry phone lines, fire panel phone lines, call boxes, and security panels with modern solutions that offer enhanced efficiency and cost savings.

What is a POTS Line? POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) lines are traditional telephone lines originally designed for voice communication. However, their use extends far beyond voice calls, servicing a variety of analog devices. This includes security alarms, fire alarm panels, fax lines, building and gate entry systems, campus emergency phones, elevator lines, point-of-sale systems, and more.

Why St. Louis Alarm Co?

  • Turnkey Solutions: We handle everything from initial assessments to installation and beyond, providing a comprehensive service that eliminates the need to manage multiple vendors.
  • Cost Efficiency: Transition to modern systems now and you could reduce your monthly phone expenses by up to 60%. With carriers phasing out copper lines and hiking prices, there’s no better time to switch.

Our Promise to You At St. Louis Alarm Co, we prioritize your business’s need for robust and uninterrupted communication. We provide top-tier hardware, dependable data, and phone services at an attractive monthly rate, ensuring you receive both quality and value.

Act Now Don’t let your business fall behind. Contact us today to begin your upgrade to a more efficient and economical communication system. Schedule your consultation with St. Louis Alarm Co and move forward with confidence.