2GIG RPTR1e-345

The 2GIG 345MHz Encrypted Repeater is designed to work with 2GIG security systems providing more flexibility in where wireless sensors can be installed. The 2GIG Repeater can be installed in the optimal location to extend the range of 2GIG panels for large jobs.  

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For enhanced range and improved performance, the 2GIG RPTR1e-345 is an ideal choice. This next generation repeater doubles the effective range of your existing sensors when paired with a GC2e or GC3ee control panel, providing effective coverage even in environments where communication can be challenging. The repeater also works seamlessly with both traditional 2GIG 345 MHz Sensors plus Honeywell 5800 Sensors for added flexibility – ensuring that you can enjoy unparalleled wireless connectivity at all times!

The 2GIG Wireless Encrypted Sensors have a communication range of about 350 nominal feet when no repeater is used. By adding a repeater, you will effectively increase this maximum distance to 700 nominal feet. Keep in mind that thick walls and large metal objects can still disrupt range even when a repeater is used. Remember to test your sensors to make sure that they communicate successfully.

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