Rental Security and Services

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Rental Security: As Important As Your Peace of Mind

Whether you’re living in a rental apartment or a rental home, your safety and the security of your possessions should never be compromised. At St Louis Alarm Co, we understand the unique challenges renters face when it comes to securing their living space. That’s why we’ve curated specialized security solutions tailor-made for rental properties.

Why Choose St Louis Alarm Co for Your Rental?

  1. Custom Solutions: Every rental space is unique. Our team evaluates your specific needs to provide you with the best protection.
  2. Easy Installation: Don’t worry about complicated setups. Our alarms are renter-friendly and designed for hassle-free installation and removal.
  3. Portable Systems: Moving to a new place? No problem! Our systems are designed to move with you.
  4. 24/7 Monitoring: Our dedicated team keeps an eye out for you every second, ensuring you’re safe round the clock.
  5. Affordable Plans: Security shouldn’t break the bank. Our competitive pricing ensures everyone has access to top-notch security.

Features of Our Security Alarms for Rentals:

  • Wireless Connectivity: No drilling. No cables. Pure security.
  • Smartphone Integration: Control and monitor your security system from anywhere with our intuitive app.
  • Motion Sensors: Detect any unwarranted movement in your space, whether you’re home or away.
  • Window and Door Alerts: Get instant alerts if someone tries to break in.
  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detection: Safety first! Our alarms also protect against potential fire or gas threats.


“Living in a rental, I was always concerned about installing a security system. St Louis Alarm Co made it so easy and now I sleep better at night knowing I’m protected.”Jane D., St. Louis resident

“I never thought securing a rental property would be this simple. Their system is efficient, easy to use, and most importantly, reliable.”Mike R., Apartment renter